A Guide to Wear Perfume for Both Men and Women

A Guide to Wear Perfume for Both Men and Women

There are a number of ways of applying perfume, but some tricks do work better than others. We have in our basket some of the ways to improve your way of applying scent. This guide is useful for both men and women. 


1. Technique To Apply Perfume

By just using sample blotters to try on perfume won't work out. Fact is, it will take the true essence of how it reacts to one's skin. By directly spraying the perfume on your skin you will get the true aroma of fragrance, preferably at your wrist or your fingertips. These two spots are strong pulse points which raises the skin’s temperature, and heat itself then helps spread the fragrance. The reality behind applying perfume accordingly is, when it interacts with the molecules of your skin, it also gives you a heads up if the scent is long-lasting. 


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2. Make your Perfume Long-Lasting

The actual delicacy about perfume is easily forgotten. The mixture of fragrance oils, essential oils and alcohol in perfume can easily break down the scent. Remember to keep your perfume bottles in a darker place at room temperature.

Make it long-lasting?

  • The first step is to moisturize your skin with fragrance-free lotion.
  • As heat activates perfume, apply scent on pulse points of your body.
  • The pulse points are located on your wrist, behind the ears, inner elbows,back of knees and ankles.
  • After spraying, don't just rub the drops of perfume. Let it dry


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  1. 3. Is Perfume directly spread on Skin or on clothes

Scattering perfume on clothes will absolutely last longer and sometimes even after washing If sprayed on clothes your scent won’t evaporate properly as the oil molecules in the perfume need body heat to become activated. Since human skin does a great deal in bringing, perfect fragrance. 

Romance is in the air!

But still, a little on your clothes can go, make sure it should not stain!!

Just follow these recommendations, you will be able to apply your favourite scent/perfume whereas can add the aura in your office or party or wherever you go which will actually depict who you are!


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