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Eight reasons to visit Cape Verde this summer

If you’re looking for sun, sea and sand somewhere a little different, but not too far from the UK, then why not try Cape Verde? It has year round sunshine, a vibrant West African culture and plenty of fun things to do and see. Here are my top eight reasons to visit Cape Verde this summer.

1. It’s a beach lover’s dream! There are plenty of silky white sands to go around, and as the beaches are largely undiscovered, you won’t be sharing towel space with fellow sun-seekers.!

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2. Ever heard of the winter tradewind belt? Me neither, but Cape Verde is blessed with near perfect conditions for water sports. Thrill seekers won’t be disappointed.

3. Cape Verde is just six hours flight time from London, so you won’t need to travel far for winter -sun.

4. It has an excellent year-round climate with an average temperature of between 21° C and- 29°C.

5. Explore an active Volcano; Pico Do Fogo and for the best views, climb just before sunset.

6. Cape Verdean dishes are mouth-wateringly delicious. Exotic fruits, Papaya jelly and every type of fish, all served in a traditional West African style.

7. Ride a quad bike over the sand dunes and explore over 55km of sun-kissed coastline. It’s a great way to let loose on holiday and explore the island.

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8. Fun, friendly and helpful local people. Get to know them by heading towards the harbour where fishing is a big part of the local life.

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