Amok The Movie



Krystian ran Amok and Killed a Kind Man

goatKrystian Bala was a piece of work. After publishing a pornographic, sadistic piece of garbage called “Amok” he headed for Europe, determined not to be a suspect in the torture and murder of a victim pulled out of the Oder River, in the Southwest of Poland. But he didn’t bank on the persistence and skills of Jacek Wroblewski, a thirty-eight-year-old detective in the Wroclaw police department who would pursue the case until Bala was brought to justice.

Corpse in the Oder River
December 2000 – three fishermen at the Oder River saw a log floating near the shore. Upon further inspection they noticed the “log” had hair. They realized it was a dead body and called police. Finding the victim had been a long shot – the area where the fishermen were fishing was not a popular spot. Almost no one visited the area. It was as though the deceased was determined to speak from his watery grave.

The deceased was a mess. The police carefully removed the corpse of a man and found a noose around his neck and his hands were bound behind his back. Part of the rope, which appeared to have been cut with a knife, connected his hands to his neck, binding the man in a backward cradle, an excruciatingly painful position. The slightest wiggle would have caused the noose to tighten further, strangling him. Whoever had killed the poor man used every form of sadism he could channel. There was no doubt that the man had been murdered. The level of brutality against the corpse suggested that the perpetrator or perpetrators had a deep grievance against Janiszewski. The virtual absence of clothing on Janiszewski’s battered body indicated that he had been stripped in an attempt to humiliate him since there was no evidence of sexual abuse. His body was clothed in only a sweatshirt and underwear and it bore marks of torture.

A pathologist determined that the victim had virtually no food in his intestines which indicated that he had been starved for several days before he was killed. Initially, police thought that he had been strangled and then dumped in the river, but an examination of fluids in his lungs revealed signs of drowning, which meant the man was probably still alive when he was dropped into the water.