3 Amazing US Music Festivals In Unique Locations

3 Amazing US Music Festivals In Unique Locations

Fond of Music?Go find your LED sunglasses and sequin-bedazzled backpacks, the summer festival scene is officially upon us. With events popping up in every state, the US traveller has plenty to choose from. Here’s the list of our favourite music festivals in unique destinations around the country.



1.Electric Forest

Rothbury, Michigan,



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This psychedelic electronic music festival will bring out your inner woodland fairy. Located in the heart of a forest resort in Michigan, this event relies on the greenery to amplify the overall visual effects of its shows; be dazzled as lights swirl up and down the nearby trunks as your favourite DJ pumps out energizing beats all night long.

2.Lower Key Underwater Music Festival

Looe Key, Florida, July 6–7


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When it comes to pure quirk-factor, this music festival wins. Established to draw attention to the preservation of the area’s reefs, the Underwater Music Festival is just that. Hundreds of boats head to the Lower Keys with submersible speakers in tow; the attendee's don snorkels or scuba gear along with some fittingly water-friendly costumes and head below the waves to 'play' the music around them. Mermaids, pirates – they’re all here and they all somehow know how to play 'Yellow Submarine' underwater.



Suwannee, Florida,

October 26–28


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Ready to get spooky? Head down to spend Halloween weekend at this atmospheric festival, which takes place in the Suwannee Music Park among the extraterrestrial-

looking cypresses and gnarled live oaks that twist and turn into the night sky like a bunch of arboreal spectres. Large art installations dot the forest floor beneath hanging Spanish moss, and with all this around you, you can’t help but feel a bit supernatural yourself.

Enjoy the amazing music festivals and make yourself free from all your worries. Music is life. Where words leave off, music begins...


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