Lombard is celebrating its 40th birthday with a new song

 Lombard is celebrating its 40th birthday with a new song

The legend of Polish pop-rock music after the ordeal, the band Lombard, led by Grzegorz Stróżniak, founder, leader, singer playing keyboard instruments and composer of his greatest hits, was founded in Poznań on May 18, 1981. On this occasion, thanks to the support from COVID-19 countermeasures from the Cultural Support Fund, LOMBARD with Marta CUGIER, since 1999, the vocalist of the group together with excellent musicians: Łukasz Kulczak - guitar, Paweł Kosicki - bass, syth bass, Bartek Krawczak drums, LOMBARD 40/40 project combining various ways of artistic expression.

- 40 songs, 40 texts, 40 paintings by the extraordinary painter of magical realism Arkadiusz Dzielawski, artistic photos by Anna Pawelczak, all in the limited DELUXE publication for art connoisseurs, which combines a biographical book with four unique CDs containing Lombard's works from 40 years history, recorded with the technical possibilities of the 21st century in Mirek Wdowczyk's studio and premiere songs that refer to the 1980s with their style and sound, and an art gallery. Premiere in September 2021;

- Documentary film "Lombard 40/40" about the history of the band Lombard as seen through the eyes of Grzegorz Stróżniak, the band's leader, by Marta Cugier. It will also show the various stages of the publication's preparation;

- A multimedia concert broadcast live on Radio Poznań and made available online free of charge with songs not played at concerts of the Lombard band for many years or never, which were chosen by the fans of the band;

- Currently, a new website of the band is also being created,  www.lombard.pl ;

- On May 18, on the air of Radio Poznań and online, you will be able to hear the story of the Lombard band told by the leader of the Lombard band, Grzegorz Stróżniak, and the guests invited by him. Among them were former and current team members, songwriters, and collaborators. The unique graphic design of the podcasts was created by Marta Cugier;

All this and many other surprises have been prepared by Lombard for several generations of their fans, thanks to which, as the musicians emphasize, the group has existed and been creating for 40 years. The first effects of this titanic work will be heard and seen soon.

In the coming days, the first, jubilee single by Lombrad will have its premiere, along with a music video entitled "Prayer for Happy Islands" - music by Grzegorz Stróżniak, words by Marta Cugier.

"Prayer for the Happy Islands" is a moving rock ballad dedicated to the inhabitants of small homelands all over Poland, visited by the Lombard band giving concerts since the beginning of their career. It is love of nature with sound and words. It is a tribute to life, happiness and love. Kind of prayer, requests. The poetic text by Marta Cugier, the gentleness of the selected sounds of keyboards in a clash with the rough, even sharp sound of guitars and a strong rhythm and blues rhythm section give a vertical effect, which will soon be seen by fans of good pop-rock music. The song is inspired by the beauty of the nature of the Międzychód County, where the vocalists from Lombard Marta Cugier and Grzegorz Stróżniak have lived together for 10 years. The land of 100 lakes is a unique tourist area in the western part of the Wielkopolska Province,

The pandemic took away from the band Lombard the opportunity to give concerts, but at the same time it allows them to carry out a life-long musical project that has been born in the minds of Marta and Grzegorz for many years, and for which there was always no time. They have been a helm, a ship and a sailor for 20 years, paying a high price for their independence, but they do not regret the decisions made many years ago. As producers and publishers of their albums, they themselves decide about their musical shape and message. Radio Poznań is the publisher's partner.

"Between Earth and Heaven" - Arkadiusz Dzielawski  www.dzielawski.pl ,  www.arteclat.com


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