The Self-driving parking Robot is all set to park the car for you

Parking a car or a vehicle has always been an issue for most of us. Airport parking can often end up causing you a big headache if you’re running late or the car park is full. To overcome this hassle a French-based startup Stanley Robotics showed off its select driving parking robot at Lyon-Saint-Exupery. The service will be going live by the end of March 2019. The company has been working on a robot called Stan. These king-size robots can literally pick up your car at the entrance of gigantic parking lot and then park it up for you. When it comes to parking cars at airport lots, it actually requires a lot of sense and those parking lots have become one of the most lucrative businesses for airport companies. But the main problem arises when many

airports don’t have a ton of space and due to that, they keep on adding terminals which becomes more complicated.

To bridle from this massive problem Stanley Robotics can turn existing parking lots into automated parking areas.It's more efficient as you don’t need space to move around between all parking spaces. The startup promises to create 50 per cent more spaces in the same surface area.

If you’re traveling for a few months Stan robots can put your car in a corner and park few cars in front of your car. Before the customer lands, they will make sure that the car is accessible to the owner shortly. At Vinci’s Lyon airport, there are 500 spaces dedicated to Stanley Robotics. Four robots will work day in and day out to move cars around the parking lot. Vinci and Stanley Robotics are planning to expand spaces up to 6000 in total. Generally, the cost to book a parking space for a week on the normal P5 parking lot costs € 50.40. It will cost € 52.20 if the parking lot is managed by Stanley Robotics.


Self-driving cars are not there yet because roads are not that much predictable. But this startup has removed all unpredictable elements. One needs to just interact at the garage gate of parking and after that startup takes the responsibility of parking it from start to finish.

Features of Robot ?

  • Autonomous:  It’s autonomous platform delicately handles the vehicle by the wheels moves it and parks it. 100% electric and also ensures emission free parking.
  • Equipped with Artificial Intelligence: AI allows to optimize parking lot space. Algorithm is designed in such a way that it can easily park cars tightly to create new spaces.
  • Adapts to different obstacles:  The different sensors allow it to scan its environment at any moment and adjust it’s movements.

How it actually works?

  • Drop off your car
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Bright and commodious boxes have been designed for the entrance of the parking lot to ease your arrival. The customer needs to drop off the car , take out the bags with ease and keep the keys with them.

  • Validate your Reservation
   The terminal allows you to validate information of your flight and confirm parking in just a few clicks.Once confirmed, the box confirms the booking of your car while waiting for the robot to take over.
  • The robot takes charge

       Next, the valet robot comes to take your car.Its slides underneath and uses its arm to delicately lift the car by the tires to park it.

  • Car is parked in a secure parking

 The robot parks the car for you, carrying it over to a free space. The parking lot is not open to the public i.e. only robots can move around it. This limits the risk of damage.

  • Upon your return car is ready

 The service is connected to the customer’s flight information so whenever customer returns, their car will be waiting in a box. No need to search for a car anymore when you are tired of traveling- one can go home in a relaxed state of mind.

The three founders Clement Boussard(CEO), Aurelien Cord (CTO) and Stephen Evanno (COO) all have previous experience in driverless technology.

The investors globally are attracted towards this astonishing robots.

Robots, AI and Automation are the future of work which are exciting advances in finance, transportation,national defense, smart cities, and health care.

As “ We are not thinking of machines that feel; rather we are feeling machines that think…”



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