Volvo organizes Volvo Cars Tech Moment

Volvo organizes Volvo Cars Tech Moment

Volvo Car Group is organizing a Tech Moment meeting that will take place on June 30 this year at 2 pm.

"We really want you to be a part of it. We recently announced that we want to be a pure electric car company by 2030. We are already creating the best cars in our 94-year history. This is an extraordinary and exciting time in the history of our development. it's time to move on. " - says the Volvo Car Group team

At Tech Moment, Volvo plans to share details of a future 'roadmap' of the technologies being rolled out.

Volvo Car Group leaders, including CEO Håkan Samuelsson, will tell you which technologies are at the heart of the future of the brand and the sequence in which they are introduced. A series of interactive sessions will also be presented, covering areas such as the road to full electrification, the development of computers and car electronics, a higher level of safety, and the introduction of safe autonomous driving. You can follow the event online at this link.">

Volvo Car Group team

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