Switch to natural products for yourself and your loved ones!

Switch to natural products for yourself and your loved ones!

There is a lot of variety of skincare ranges in the market, but we are now aware of the fact that they have high chemicals in it which soon or later damages the skin and takes the natural glow from it. Here is what is the solution, to switch to brands who give you the natural treatment without damaging your skin instead it provides you with that nature’s care that enhances your glow.

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1. Bright Eyes Mask
Profoundly energized eye veils intended to light up, de-puff, and invigorate your eye region. These incredibly hydrating covers utilize a revitalizing mix of cucumber, hyaluronic corrosive, and aloe juice to renew got dried out skin cells. The "hydrogel" veil material is made out of 95% natural aloe juice and 5% plant cellulose, to strongly extinguish and mitigate skin. The hydrogel material will thin as you wear it, as hydration is actually moved from the cover into your skin. This creative hydrogel innovation helps with conveying dynamic fixings and helps in supplement assimilation for more focused on skin sustenance.

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2. Hands like Butter Gift Set


Our deeply moisturizing hand creams are designed to soften hard-working hands with rich butter and oils. This gift set includes 3 decadent Hand Buttercream formulas: Vanilla Bean, Coconut, and Honey Almond.

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3. Holiday Lipstick Duo


This set includes 2 limited edition lipstick shades: Red Gold (a metalized red with gold shimmer) and Rose Gold (a metalized mauve with silvery pearl shimmer).

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4. 2nd Skin Corrector


Velvety shading correctors made in a hiding base of fixings like turmeric, matcha green tea, and genuine natural product colours. A base of sustaining olive squalane gives an ultra-lightweight completion that feels like genuine skin while conveying total shading remedying inclusion. This extravagant and plush recipe won't wrinkle, cake, or complement lines and wrinkles. 

Peach: The enlightening peach shading corrector impeccably lights up dark circles and dull skin. 

Yellow: The yellow shading corrector drastically revises blue/purple tints and helps dull under-eye circles. 

Green: The matcha green tea shading corrector splendidly revises redness.

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5. Organic Mint Lip Balm


Alleviating lip demulcent produced using reviving peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Highlighting natural sunflower and coconut oils to saturate and relax, in addition to reparative nutrient E.

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