Ways on how you can start reading books to calm your self in the Quarantine period.

Ways on how you can start reading books to calm your self in the Quarantine period.

Books are something which you may not like as first but with time people start loving them. If we start, then since your life has begun you are made to study books when you turn 3-4, starting with alphabets to dictionary to thesis humans explore a lot. Books are your best friends, this quote is heard by almost every one of us and trust me it is true but only if you are spending time with books, as you spend time with your best friends! Pretty fair, isn't it?


To start on how you can also turn to a book lover, which may sound boring at first but trust me when you will dive deeper into the world of books then you are going to learn that how much knowledge, emotions and research each and every book has, that also comes as a shocking and pretty wonderful part of reading books.

You just won’t believe how they can be so resourceful and you never realized while they were in front of you all the time!

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To start with books, it may be tough to decide that for which one you should go for, because this is the step most people fails in, and that is why they are not able to read or even if they do just because they liked the idea of being a book lover, but if here they choose the wrong book then there all hopes can go to despair.

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Because when you read a book which doesn’t suit your interest then you won’t feel tp read another book, and now imagine another scenario if you choose a good book initially and it suits your interest you are going to love it, and the idea of reading books and everything books contain. Maybe you will explore more options than just your interest.

That is why it is important to choose a book which suits your interests.

- Go to a library and ask the librarian to suggest some good books.

-Talk to a friend who is a book lover already.

-Try sone online samples that can help you in knowing your interest.

-Start by reading a short book of 100 pages.

That is how you can start book reading in the most interesting way.!

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