2021 will start with major changes in leasing laws

2021 will start with major changes in leasing laws

From January 1, 2021, entrepreneurs running a sole proprietorship will receive additional legal protection. An obligation has been imposed on the entire financial sector, including leasing companies, to ensure even greater transparency of contracts and to equate some of the rights of micro-entrepreneurs with the rights of consumers.

The aim of the introduced changes is to eliminate the existing disproportions between sole proprietorships and large corporations and to grant greater legal protection to the former.


“Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular form of investment financing. It is used more and more often by small entrepreneurs, i.e. natural persons running a sole proprietorship or operating within civil law partnerships, who account for over 2/3 of clients of leasing companies. The introduced changes will mean significant protection for them and obtaining additional rights, ”says Izabela Fotyga, director of products and processes at PKO Leasing. 

Changes in the law will be beneficial for customers and the contracts concluded by them will become more transparent and legible. According to Marcin Gamski, director of contracts and settlements at PKO Leasing, in the existing relations between leasing companies and small enterprises, there was a disproportion in knowledge and experience in the implementation of leasing contracts. “Leasing companies specializing in this business will have to compensate for this disproportion from 1 January. Small entrepreneurs often do not have extensive financial, legal and tax knowledge. That is why the introduced changes ensure protection for the smallest of them ”- says Director Gamski. The aim of the legislator is therefore to persuade the industry to eliminate any provisions or provisions in the concluded contracts that may potentially be abusive, 

The changes apply to all new contracts concluded from January 1, 2021, and in PKO Leasing they affect areas related - not only to many leasing companies - with documentation, but also with additional fees. The company, under contracts concluded with clients conducting sole proprietorship and operating within civil law partnerships, will not charge additional fees related to the day-to-day service of the contract, including behind: 

• preparation of the annex, 

• handling fines, 

• administration of a foreign policy,

• settlement of damage, 

• approval of the use of the leased asset by a third party,

• issuing duplicates, opinions, 

• reminders and requests for payment.

However, the changes go further and concern - apart from the content of the contracts or the above-mentioned additional fees - also transaction processing processes. “We have always been transparent towards our customers, but now we have thoroughly analyzed our products in legal and procedural terms. As a result of these activities, the process of making a decision on financing will be easier, ”says Marcin Gamski.

The company openly communicates the price-generating elements used to calculate the leasing installments. “The introduced changes now make our products more predictable in terms of price for small businesses. Moreover, to simplify the installment calculation, we have removed the fee and commission tables. All costs that have been included in them so far will be included in the monthly installment. When concluding such a contract, the customer will know how much he will pay throughout its duration and will not be surprised, for example, with an additional fee for concluding an annex to the contract, ”sums up Marcin Gamski.


Contract transparency can be one of the factors that will contribute to customer flow between companies in the future. “It will be one of the important determinants influencing the choice of the method of financing and the financing company, especially by the smallest entrepreneurs. When customers look for the best offers on the market, they often conclude contracts with various leasing companies. We will educate clients so that they can recognize whether the contract they intend to conclude is really beneficial for them, ”says Director Fotyga

Source of information: PAP MediaRoom