3 Ways To Get Sales Done In Right Way

3 Ways To Get Sales Done In Right Way

Today we are going to discuss 3 ways by which sales can be done in a professional and smooth way. 

1. Don't do Email Spamming

We have seen freelancers and companies as well that are spamming everyone with cold emails but this is not the right way because if they are not your potential buyer then nobody gives a minute to your email and it will go to spam or trash. 

There are some rules of email marketing:
a. Find your targeted buyer.
b. Do your homework about the problem that your buyer is facing.
c. Send an email with the title of the problem like the below example:

A solution to your current employee retention problem

A solution to your negative revenue problem

You can be more specific if you have numbers with you.
d. In email you need to write points a pathway by which you are going to solve their problem and be honest put also no. of weeks, months, or years it will require to solve.
e. Now hit send button and do a follow-up after 3 days.
You need always remember, you should send email only decision-maker or whoever is a helper decision-maker otherwise there is no use. 

Let's understand this with an example:
You are furniture company having good furniture and wanted to pitch a company having 200+ employees to buy furniture from you if you are contacting VP of a company he or she will not work on that because there is other concerned person Operations executive who will shortlist proposals and will talk to final buyers.

2. Choose Right Social Media

According to your niche choose social media and start writing about common problems and how your company is solving that problem for your existing clients. Follow the below points:
1. Share video clips of the feedback given by your clients.
2. Share the achievements of your company.
3. Share numbers of how much you have made a positive impact on your client business.

Again don't do spamming in someone's inbox because it will not work.

3. Choose Right Mentor or Consultant

If you are a company that wants to go for long-term business, you need to plan a sales strategy with experts and test with a small set of people. Sometimes companies don't have so much money to hire full-time sales experts so the second way is to look for some company who can provide you this consultation with effective results. Don't go randomly ask them a demo, how they will help you to achieve your goal. 

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