5 Ways To Client Leads Through Linkedin

Connect with Targeted Connections

As we all know now LinkedIn is one of the top most social media platforms for professional users and according to the general survey, LinkedIn is one of the best options for generating B2B leads. You need to connect with people who are related to your product and services, this is one of the best ways to make your client base easily. Don't spam anyone, try to connect with that person who is mutual between you and some of your friend or somewhat related to your service or product or if he or she can use your services or products.

Follow Your Current Clients

Follow your current clients to see if they have a Linkedin company page or not. Is there social media is going good or not? If you find anything important or missing, you can offer your service as a solution to that. This is one of the best ways to generate business leads. It's easy to offer services to existing clients because they are using your some services and satisfied with that.

Post a Quality Update

It's really helpful if you are taking 60 seconds every day to share or post something related to your field which can be helpful for your connections and other members also. It makes your profile strong because people will see you are really concentrated about the field and they understand you are expert in this field. One of the important tip is don't try to sell anything in your post update because people will see only those things which are meaningful for them so if you want to sell your product or services in your post update try to address the problems of daily life and present your product as a solution.

Stop Wasting a lot of time

Spend quality and regular 20 to 30 minutes over LinkedIn to update required things and connections but don't waste your 6 to 7 hours per day over LinkedIn because overall your product matters most so if you concentrate on your product quality and other platforms also, it will give you more advantage. Regular work is really important, if you do not work regularly people think you are not professional so think about it and spend quality time regularly for your business growth.

Congratulate Connections on Achievements

It's really important to maintain communication is to congratulate your connections for their achievements by this they will remember you and we all know friendship is really important to establish business relations with clients. This is the really good and right way to do business because when the client becomes your friend, he or she will give you good recommendations and refer you for best projects. Spend a minute every day on this and in a few weeks you will see good results in terms of relation with your connections.

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