5 ways to raise fund for your startup

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1. Bootstrapping your business

In order to succeed in at first attempt in your business startup, you must have some saved up funds you can easily access or funds you can obtain from friends or family. When you utilize personal savings or funding from friends and family is known as bootstrapping or self -funding. It is the best way to start your startup by taking funding from family and friends. So you pitch your idea before the right person, you will get funds to start work on your idea.

2. Crowdfunding

As you all know now we have internet and many platforms over the web from where we can share our idea and ask for help so there are some websites or platforms from where you can pitch your idea to the community or group of investors to invest in your idea and they will invest for sure if your idea has right solution for the existing problem.

3. Seek Angel Investment for Your Startup

You might be curious if there is such a thing as Angel investment or Angel investor? Yes, there is. Angel investors are basically people with a huge amount of capital and are willing to invest it on over the edge business ideas.Angel investors sometimes come together in groups to scrutinize business proposals, in order to select the perfect candidate to invest in.


4. Seek Venture Capital for your Startup

Venture capitals funds are managed by professionals that have a keen eye for seeking out companies with great prospects.Their modus operandi involves them investing in a solid business rather than an equity. Once there is an IPO or acquisition of the business they are partnered with, they then pull out and seek other investments.


5. Seeking Funds from Business Incubators and Accelerators

Businesses that are just starting out can access funds provided by business incubators and accelerators.The programs offered by them can be found in major cities across the globes.Slight differences separate the terms "business incubators and accelerator".

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