A new investor in the Technology Park in Rzeszów

A new investor in the Technology Park in Rzeszów

Almost PLN 2 million will be invested in the Rzeszów-Dworzysko Science and Technology Park by the company I-BS.pl, which mainly deals with creating and selling IT software.

The president of the management board of the company, Henryk Miearańński, informed PAP that the company will establish a research and development department in the park and ultimately an incubator of innovative technologies.

"For over 10 years we have also been designing, installing solar power plants, heating and cooling systems with heat pumps for business and individual customers," he added.

Mieździeński emphasized that the new investment is to show that it is possible to erect a very profitable low-energy building powered and heated by solar energy. "A similar solution has been operating for 7 years at the company's headquarters in Stalowa Wola, and the offered solutions bring benefits to our customers, making their lives easier and significantly reduce operating costs" - he explains.

The company has been operating on the market since 2007, employs over 80 people, its head office is located in Stalowa Wola.

The company will invest 1.8 million PLN in the Rzeszów-Dworzysko park.

The park with an area of ​​over 83 ha is run by Rzeszów County. As Waldemar Pijar, the district secretary pointed out, it is very important that I-BS.pl intends to create a research and development department and ultimately create an incubator of innovative technologies. "This area of ​​our voivodeship provides access to educated specialists in the field of modern IT technologies," he noted.

PNT Rzeszów-Dworzysko with an area of ​​over 83 ha is fully developed; it is located close to the A4 motorway, the S19 expressway, the Rzeszów-Jasionka international airport and the E30 Germany-Poland-Ukraine mainline. So far, 25 companies have invested there. Ultimately, a job will find approx. 3 thousand. people. (PAP)

author: Wojciech Huk

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