Amazon changed the logo of the app that "resembled Hitler"

Amazon changed the logo of the app that "resembled Hitler"

Amazon quickly changed its main shopping app logo after some customers and commentators said the recently redesigned logo "resembled Adolf Hitler," reports BBC News.

The icon introduced in January shows a strip of blue serrated packing tape over the famous Amazon smile logo.

But some observers reported that such a trimmed strip reminds them of Hitler's mustache, reports BBC News.

Following this customer response, the tech giant quickly changed the app's new logo, replacing the previous design with a blue folded tape with Amazon's familiar "smile" underneath.

Amazon told BBC News that before the change was made, the first icon was tested in several countries around the world.

The head of the Coley Porter Bell branding agency, Vicky Bullen, estimated that "unfortunately for Amazon, the visualization of their packing tape on the original logo will be immediately associated with the Nazi mustache, because this shape is forever embedded in our consciousness." As she added, "this is not the best association for a brand".

The app logo that appears on smartphones and tablets previously featured a shopping cart graphic. (PAP)

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