Become Global Brand In 3 Steps

Become Global Brand In 3 Steps

After this pandemic, many things changed and one of them is a way of doing business, nowadays even a small business is online for its customers. That is why we came up with a solution Tal-com Micro Setup.

What is Tal-com Micro Setup?

It is a package for business owners or self-employed people who want to go online and grow their business but don't want to take the hassle of online website management or paying hefty charges to companies for making websites and running them.

We provide you:
1. A micro-website 




2. Targeted Marketing

We run an AI-driven campaign for you which will target your customers as per your business requirement. Let's say you wanted to launch leather bags for women in Florida only so we will create a campaign and target your customers accordingly.

3. Integrated Online Shop

You will get your own online shop where you can upload unlimited products with different pricing, description, photos, and other things. Your customer can directly buy from your shop without any hassle.

Did you want to know more about this? Schedule your quick call by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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