Chatbots Are The New HR Managers

Chatbots Are The New HR Managers

Chatbots will carry on to transform practically every business function from marketing to sales to customer support. The areas that we’ll see a major transformation is HR.



HR teams have a very demanding job with the continuous disagreement of the objectives that keep employees focused and working hard while also keeping them happy and satisfied. HR teams are often held liable for employee retention and churn without the ability to manage them directly.

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Most of their time is invested in managing routine processes, which impacts the focus on higher priority activities. Teams have little time left over to offer employees the individual attention they need when handling sensitive personal issues.

How can Chatbots help HR?



Chatbots can make the work easy for HR professionals by dramatically amplifying their capabilities. They can help HR teams stay on top of the substantial responsibilities and achieve the impossible goals they have.

The bots can automate routine processes that take a lot of their time. The task required for recruiting such as screening candidates, scheduling interviews and managing the recruiting life cycle for candidates and hiring managers can be substantially automated.

They can help HR become much more accessible to employees. They can provide Instant, accurate responses to common queries. Candidates often complain of not being informed of the hiring status, here is where chatbots can offer automated notifications and enhance the candidate experience.

Learning and Development:


Chatbots can be used to create micro-interventions for learning at the employee’s point of need. For example, if an employee wants a quick answer on a routine query, he or she dials into the learning chatbot, receives learning, quickly applies the learning on the job and gets the desired results. Another useful application is new employee onboarding, especially for resolving queries around bank data, tax information and other routine joining elements.

Employee Engagement:


Yet another futuristic application of chatbots is for detecting employee moods through voice recognition technology and natural language processing. Driving employee engagement through sentiments analysis is thus a very real application of chatbots.


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