Companies commission detectives to control those working remotely

Companies commission detectives to control those working remotely

The increase in teleworking in Spain is accompanied by an increase in the number of assignments for private detectives. They usually receive them from companies that suspect their staff of dealing with private matters during business hours.

As the 20 Minutos portal informed on Wednesday, private detectives operating in Spain confirm that from mid-2020 there are more people in the teleworking regime, as well as employers' orders to control their subordinates.

Detectives quoted by the portal say that 50-70 percent of investigations are successful in confirming cheating by a company employee in connection with teleworking.

"Some employees leave the house to walk their children to school, go to the gym, visit a bar, participate in a padel competition, renovate the house or go to a DIY store," confirmed Javier Ureta of Barcelona-based detective Axioma.

Meanwhile, a study by Adecco shows that in 2020 a record number of Spaniards worked remotely in 2020 in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic - 2.8 million. This means that it was constantly or temporarily performing its duties outside the company's premises by as much as 74.2 percent. more employees than in 2019

Adecco estimates that at the beginning of 2021 almost 15% of workers in Spain were working remotely. of all people active in the local labor market. Half of the people in the teleworking regime perform their tasks "less occasionally".

Most Spaniards working outside the office live in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the autonomous communities of Galicia and Extremadura in the west.

Marcin Zatyka (PAP)

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