Democracy and digital giants

 Democracy and digital giants

Big Tech companies influence our debate and control it - said the deputy head of the European Commission Vera Jourova in Wednesday's Rzeczpospolita. As Yurova wrote, democracy is fragile, vulnerable to attacks, both inside and out.

As its proponents, we are responsible for its neglect. Believing that democracy and its freedoms will defend themselves is naive thinking - she added.

"We have received concrete and at the same time tragic proof that many people have lost their trust in democratic institutions. We know that today's digitized reality creates opportunities, but also enormous threats. So it is time to bring order to the digital edition of democracy. The facts belong to everyone, opinions are This distinction has been destroyed, and the sentiment that led to the events in the US is also being revealed in Europe, "she assessed.

"To heal the situation, it is necessary to regain trust - in institutions, science and society," she added.

She pointed out that the most attention is now focused on Big Tech, i.e. transnational, digital corporations and their impact on our behaviour.

"Yes, they allowed conspiracy theories to flourish, grew rich from disinformation and tolerated people and entities whose economic and political goals threatened democracy," writes Jurowa.

Tough regulations, more effective enforcement of obligations and greater accountability of Big Tech companies, she added.

"We recently presented a draft regulation on digital services. The new regulations will increase the accountability of online platforms and provide clearer regulations on the removal of illegal content. These are innovative proposals, their implementation will take time" - emphasized Jurowa in Rzeczpospolita. (PAP)


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