Dozens of IT companies have moved to us from Belarus

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Dozens of IT companies have moved from Belarus to Ukraine, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Borniakov announced. He added that Wargaming, the producer of the famous game World of Tanks, has transferred hundreds of employees there.

The deputy minister also noted that IT PandaDoc will open its office in Kiev. He did not specify the number of companies that moved to Ukraine, nor the number of employees.

Borniakov emphasized that these companies moved to Ukraine as part of the IT Relocate Belarus program, implemented by his ministry with the support of the president.

"IT is an area in which aid for Belarusians is up to date and we can provide it," he announced on Facebook on Wednesday. Borniakov noted that Ukraine was ready to allow Belarusian professionals to work in a simplified manner.

In early October, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed a decree on measures aimed at attracting Belarusian entrepreneurs and highly qualified workers to Ukraine, especially from the IT industry. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Minsk expressed a protest over this document last week, judging that it was an unfriendly step by the Ukrainian side, "bordering on interference in internal affairs of Belarus."

After the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9, which, according to official results, were won by Alyaksandr Lukashenka, 2.5 thousand Belarusian representatives of the IT industry issued a joint letter in which they complained about working conditions in connection with the current situation in that country. They forecasted a massive outflow of professionals abroad, the opening of offices in neighbouring countries, a slowdown in the growth rate of the IT sector in Belarus, a reduction in investment in Belarusian companies from this sector and a decline in tax revenues.

From Kiev Natalia Dziurdzińska (PAP)

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