Exclusive bag - a way to store

Exclusive bag - a way to store

Imagine a delicate material with a beautiful depth of colour. The gloss of satin delights, and the silky texture and tasteful accessories make it impossible to pass by such luxury.

A delicate ribbon, a decent welt and a decorative metal ending at the ends in a colour matching the colour of the material also draw attention.
Who would have thought that it was only a satin pouch that can surround your every product ...

How it all started

When I first saw the satin pouch prototype, I thought: Exclusive accessory. 
And so many of my customers perceive the storage bag. 
I am a Polish producer. In my work, I appreciate Polish quality and Polish materials. I am aware of how much Poland can do and how much potential we have. The idea for the bag was born when I was shopping myself, then taking it home and looking for ways to organize accessories, clothing, footwear, and my wife's leather bags. Subsequently, a design for a bag was born in my head and it went on. So a golden, silver, white and black bag in various sizes was created that won the hearts of customers. Nothing unusual. Just look at the details, the finish of the material, the depth of colour, the possibilities of application ... 

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I know how important the detailed parameters of the bag are, so when I decided to manufacture it, I took care of every detail. The bags are produced in Poland. From the beginning to the end. High-quality material is also produced in Poland. Details are tasteful and bought from reliable wholesalers in Poland.

It is also worth adding that these products have a valid OEKO TEX Certificate, which ensures quality and safety for the client's skin.
I work with Polish suppliers of materials and components. I know that Polish is good and I want to expand my reach not only on the Polish market but also abroad. I want our Polish products to reach customers who require and expect high quality.

One product - for many industries? 

Quality - quality, but the key to success is application. It turns out that a satin bag is not only a decorative function but also a way to store products. Many customers perceive this bag as a product in itself that can be used as a gift-wrapping or as a gift accessory. A satin pouch is also a product used to organize your wardrobe. Just imagine beautifully placed pouches in which you can hide shoes, bags, handbags, fashion accessories, and haberdashery. I work with many companies and brands. My clients are demanding, so I decided to create a product tailored to the needs of the most demanding, for many industries.


My offer is also popular in the fashion industryI have found out for myself that many products in this category need a bag. An example is footwear - a section so important for both male and female sex. A bag for storing shoes is a fantastic way to spend your holidays. They can be moved from place to place without damage or dirt.

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Leather handbags - adored by women who especially appreciate leather material, which in turn requires appropriate treatment. A leather handbag pouch, for storing leather handbags is a fantastic way to protect against dust. Underwear - it needs a delicate swaddle, and a pouch for panties or bras is a shot at 10!

A linen bag can be used as a gift wrapping, and then as a storage in your wardrobe.

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Did you come up with it?

Jewellery - small, delicate satin pouches, not only as a gift decoration and a way of presenting it, but also pouches for storing rings, necklaces and bracelets. Our bags can be manufactured in many sizes. Both 20 cm x 25 cm as well as 10 cm 8 cm for jewellery or any other size on request. This bag is pure luxury that complements each product and adds value to it.

As a company, have you thought about how to surprise a customer?

How to create an accessory that will be universal in terms of application?

Or maybe you were looking for a free gift for your regular customers?

The answer to these questions is the Satin bagYou can be the creator of this product and decide for yourself:

- dimensions
- colour
- accessories
- string, ribbons
- how to finish the string
- material
- quantity
- application
- inserts.

And what is your industry's use of a satin pouch?

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