Google will change procedures after "internal revolt"

Google will change procedures after "internal revolt"

Google management has announced a change in procedures for reviewing the work of its scientists after controversy over the censorship of their work that is critical to the company, Reuters agency reported on Thursday.

The company was due to announce the changes at a meeting held last Friday amid controversy within the corporation following the firing of two prominent female employees criticizing the company's policy and introducing a process of additional screening of Google researchers on "sensitive" topics such as China and discrimination.

Jeff Dean, head of Google's artificial intelligence (AI) division, said the rules for peer-review will be clearer and the company will have to learn to be more tolerant of employee criticism.

As reported by Reuters, the California giant was reportedly to demand changes to at least three of its employees' research papers last year so that they do not present the technology in a negative light. The storm inside the corporation was also caused by the dismissal of the head of the research team on "ethical AI" Timnit Gebru, who accused the company of racial discrimination, "silencing marginalized voices" and was the author of a study suggesting that Google's AI systems may contribute to discrimination against women. Google demanded that Gebru withdraw the incorrect, according to reviewers, work.

Last week, the second team leader, Margaret Mitchell, who publicly criticized the company's decision, was fired. Mitchell was accused of taking "sensitive documents" outside the company. (PAP)