Grow Your Business with these top cloud providers Of 2019

Grow Your Business with these top cloud providers Of 2019

Whether big or small, fly your business to the cloud with these top-notch providers.

Cloud computing has revolutionized IT and software systems delivery, with many applications now running in the cloud. This makes it incredibly easy for users to signup and set up a solution in the cloud, often even better is that cloud solutions are scalable, and a number of providers offer a pricing tier that charges only for the resources utilized, rather than a flat-fee for the services you might potentially use.

Generally, cloud services not only provide services or resources but also about providing fully-fledged IT systems you can use as if you were running your own bare-metal hardware. It can be extremely beneficial and flexible in terms of user and business needs

1.Amazon Web Services(AWS)

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  • Highly customizable
  • Free trial
  • Some customer support issues

AWS was founded in 2006. It gives on-demand cloud computing to individuals and organizations.

Using integrated web services

AWS is a cloud-based program for building business solutions. By offering an extensive range of IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS(Platform as a Service) it stands out. These include Elastic Beanstalk,

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2),  Simple Storage Service (S3) and Relational Database Service (RDS)

 Amazon Web Services provides extensive admin controls available via their secure Web client. Including encryption key creation and auditing, users can totally access a number of features.

2.Microsoft Azure

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  • Windows and Linux compatible
  • 12-months free
  •  Expensive

Nearly a decade ago, in 2010

Microsoft Azure was released. Users have access to run any service on the cloud or combine it with any existing applications, data centre or infrastructure.

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Suitable for all types of industry

 Microsoft Azure provides a wide array of solutions. All your business needs will be taken into consideration.

It results in a package better suited for needs.

Azure the name itself means there is no need to have physical servers on-site. This absolutely reduces the usual costs, such as an onsite server support team.

Suppose you want to migrate from one cloud to another then

Microsoft Azure Migration Centre makes cloud transfers faster and easier. Linux is also compatible with this solution.

3.Google Cloud

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  • User-friendly
  • 12-month free trial
  • Setup can be tricky

Google Cloud Platform is Google’s cloud service provider. Users can create business solutions using Google-provided, modular web services. IaaS and PaaS solutions offer a wide array of services.

With Google Cloud’s multilayered secure infrastructure, users can rest assured that anything you build, create, code or store will be protected. 

There is a commitment to transparency and a highly trained team of engineers. 

To ensure consistent performance and management

Google Cloud has a variety of tools. These include Container Engine, Cloud Storage.Compute Engine, App Engine,  and Big Query. With flexible pricing, Google also offers smooth migration to virtual machines.