How to become a millionaire in 5 years?

How to become a millionaire in 5 years?

Most of us dream about having millions of money in our bank account, but only a few people make it a reality. Having a strong desire?Then you need to be one of the few not the many.

There are many quick and easy ways to build more wealth. But it all depends on your mindset and the choices you make.You all need to do is be hard working, save money and invest it wisely.

Create a Wealth Vision/Think BIG

No matter if you don’t know exactly what you want right now. But just think something BIG for your business. Set Target for yourself and try to achieve them as well.

Let's take an example:

Set Target:

  • “I will be making $1,000,000/year by January 1, 2022.”
  • “I will get a check for over $100,000 by October 2020.”
  • “I will take a six-week vacation in Thailand in the next six months.”

Quantify it, Measure it, Get excited by it.

Or just imagine your vacation in Thailand like Wow!!! Look at it every day, and move on to achieve it.

Leonisa Future Rewards

Develop Every 3 Month system for measuring progress

Create Short-term goals i.e. how you build progress. Working toward a timeline is crucial for productivity. Focusing on only a few key milestones every 90 days is how you build momentum. Keep on tracking your progress or failure i.e.

  • What you learnt new things in the gone 90 days.
  • Where your strategy proved to be wrong
  • How you Overcame your failure

Appreciate yourself for your achievement. Most of the people keep on complaining we are facing failures but they should also see 90 days back where they were and how much progress they have done in these many days. 

Identify ideal mentors/partners

You develop mentorships and partnerships by being useful. You dedicate your thoughts and efforts to help them. You should always be ready to provide a helping hand, as you will position yourself in a unique place. Ask your employees their views what changes they think should be taken and Why do they think So?

Creative, Young, Talented Minds are the ones which can give a more kick to your business.

Become a brilliant listener and observer

Most important you should be a brilliant listener. If someone is giving or pointing your faults then you should definitely try to listen it carefully and improve it. Whereas an observer is the one who carefully observes the big organization who failed or succeeded and where they went wrong along with strategy.

Don’t wait too long when you know it’s time to change

"A stitch in time saves nine" 

At any moment you think technology is changing and we should also update our business accordingly Don't wait.Just Do It. One who always grow, transform,change, strive leads a very healthy approach to life.


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