How to safely introduce a company to the digital world?

How to safely introduce a company to the digital world?

The Digital Poland Association and have prepared an e-guide "Switch to #BusinessBezPapieru, or how to safely introduce a company into the digital world", which is to prepare Polish entrepreneurs for digital changes - we read in the Monday release.

The task of the e-guide, published in cooperation with Asseco, Certum and Samsung, is to help companies start digitization by implementing solutions such as digital document workflow.

As reported by Cyfrowa Polska, the guide consists of three parts - the first, devoted to general issues regarding the digitization of enterprises, the second showing specific solutions and tools, and the third, which contains practical advice on how to effectively implement the idea of ​​"paperless" ) in your company or organization.

"Our assumption was to show enterprises in the easiest way that starting digitization in the company does not have to be difficult and that it is worth doing" - said the president of the Digital Poland Association, Michał Kanownik, quoted in the press release. In his opinion, entering the digital path of development is "nowadays a necessary investment that will certainly pay off".

According to Kanownik, companies that give up digitization may not only incur losses in the future, but even drop out of the "innovative market".

The words of the president of ZCP are supported by the president of the management board of Asseco Data Systems, Andrzej Dopierała, who believes that "digitization is no longer a choice, it is a necessity". In his opinion, it is a complex process that requires an in-depth analysis of the needs and possibilities of a given organization, appropriate preparation and a plan. "I know that there are entrepreneurs who are afraid to take up this challenge. The main barrier is the need to change the existing strategies and processes and the lack of knowledge of appropriate tools and the ability to use them" - says Dopierała.

The e-guide of the Digital Poland Union and was created as part of the #BiznesBezPapieru nationwide educational campaign addressed to entrepreneurs. It involves technology companies associated in the Digital Poland Association - Asseco and Samsung, supported by experts from Certum, GovTech Polska, WSB University in Warsaw, SGH, Santander Consumer Bank and other entities. (PAP)