Organize Your Workspace and Increase Productivity

Organize Your Workspace and Increase Productivity

A messy workspace maybe a sign of a complicated mind, but when you already have a lot going on your plate, a mess on your table-top can hinder your productivity and make it very difficult to get work done fast and efficiently. Cleaning up and organizing your workspace is a sure-shot way to reduce stress and anxiety that can take a toll on your well-being. Here are a few easy ways to reduce the clutter and organize your workspace so you can put the best efforts in your work endeavours.

Clean the Surfaces

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Wipe down your desk, the computer screen, keyboard and your phone. Clean any other things on your desk like the night lamp, pen- stands and visible cords. Organize your cables using binder clips by attaching them to the edge of your desk.

Only keep the absolute necessities

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Get rid of all the things that you are holding on to ‘just in case’. Return all the borrowed stuff to the rightful owners and decide what stuff is really essential for work to be done. If it is not useful in day to day work, it needs to go. 

Sort your papers

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Recycle all the unnecessary hard copies of papers that you do not need. Clip the important documents related to projects that you are currently working on. Sort the rest of the papers into files and folders and neatly stack them into your filing cabinet.

Minimize your stationary

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Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the amount of stationary we have, but we can never seem to find what we need when we need it. To avoid this, keep to the basics with you stationary. A few good pens, a stapler, some paper clips, a highlighter and marker are some of the essentials you may need for everyday work.

Personalize and create a positive vibe

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If your desk is a bland and dull space, it can be very difficult to work regularly as you can easily lose interest in your environment. To spruce up your workspace you can add objects of personal significance like pictures of loved ones or a souvenir from your travels. You an even keep a plant for some greenery and to give a positive vibe.  Keep these items visible so that they can constantly motivate you to put in your best efforts to achieve your goals.