RevBits launches the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform

RevBits launches the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform

The combination of ten security modules opens a new chapter in cybersecurity, bringing simplification and cost reduction.

MINEOLA, New York, February 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / - RevBits announces the universal availability of its Cyber ​​Intelligence Platform ("CIP"), an integrated solution designed to provide businesses around the world with unparalleled protection against cyberattacks.

Based on a completely new approach, RevBits' CIP platform is the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform to offer protection bypassing threat information and other relevant data between ten different security modules.

"As cyberspace threats increase, resulting in an alarming rate of companies being attacked, it becomes clear that it is not efficient and effective to use and manage multiple separate solutions," said CEO David Schiffer- As with most corporate resources, security teams will always have limited capabilities. Providing them with a ready-to-use integrated platform will significantly increase their efficiency. Managing individual tools and environments will require less time and money, and sharing relevant information about threats enables much faster and more proactive responses to them. '

The CIP RevBits platform consists of the following modules:

E-mail security,

Security of endpoints,

Advanced attack detection,

EDR (detection, prevention and response to protect endpoints),

Technology for deceiving attacks,

Privileged access management,

Management of privileged sessions,

Password management,

Key management,

Certificate management.

"Based on unique architecture and patented technologies, each individual RevBits module has been developed to provide best-in-class protection," said Mucteba Celik, director of IT. By combining these modules within the CIP RevBits platform, we can offer our clients centralized cybersecurity insight, on the basis of which they can take immediate action, smoothly moving between modules. This is a truly unique opportunity in today's distributed cybersecurity software environment. ”

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Founded in 2018, RevBits is an innovative cybersecurity company committed to providing customers with the highest level of protection based on expertise. RevBits is headquartered in Mineoli, New York, with offices in Princeton, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and Antwerp (Belgium). For more information about RevBits, please visit

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