Revive Your Business After Lockdown with

Revive Your Business After Lockdown with

Now it's even simpler and also available for free. new BAZAR department has been created on the platform , in which you will put up items for sale even without registration , and your items, services, offers or products from your store will eventually find customers.


What is the Platform?


Tal-com is an Internet portal specializing in Direct Marketing activities , i.e. effective promotion of products and services to selected groups of recipients, through many distribution channels in the network. Your offers published on this platform will reach your customers as effectively as this publication has reached you.  


e-Bazar new department of


BAZAR is a new section that allows you to post offers on the web. The huge number of different categories and the ease with which we can add ads make it an ideal space to promote.


Who is e-Bazar for?


Posting is available to everyone. You can list private offers and items available in your own local or online store. In addition, we can add them even without registration!
The registered profile additionally allows  convenient access to all published offers, the possibility of  subsequent editing and easier communication with buyers. 


Why is it worth publishing your offers here?


Publications on the Tal-com platform reach over 8 million people a month , so you can be sure that your offers will quickly find customers interested in buying. If you want to stand out from the competition, you can also promote your ads in a convenient way . During publication or at any time later.



Here are to steps to start ?

1. Open in your browser.

2. Click on POST ADVERT BUTTON on the right-hand side of the navigation bar.

3. You will get redirected to this page.

4. Provide all the required information and click on submit.

5. Our team will review it and make it live.