Risen Energy enters the market with the 210 series Titan modules

Risen Energy enters the market with the 210 series Titan modules

NINGBO, China, February 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Risen Energy Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of solar panels, started the year well with the first export delivery of 210 Titan series panel modules, which brings excellent growth prospects for the company in global markets .

Risen Energy has completed the order for the world's first 210 modules consisting of high performance Titan 500W modules delivered in batch to the energy supplier Armani Energy Sdn Bhd based in Ipoh, Malaysia.

In addition, the company has so far delivered modules with a capacity of almost 200MW of the 600MW ordered, which it received from the Polish producer of photovoltaic assembly systems Corab in 2020. The order consists of the full range of Risen Energy 210 mm products, which will be used in roof and above-ground installations, among others.

Risen Energy's Brazilian customers have shown their appreciation by ordering 54MW and 160MW modules. Risen Energy's 210 series modules have become the preferred choice among Brazilian buyers, reflecting the country's growing distribution market share. Leading Brazilian research organization Greener recently published the latest 2020 import rankings of solar module manufacturers to Brazil, with Risen Energy ranked third among 10 brands that account for 87% of imports.

In South Korea, in 2020 Risen Energy secured orders for a capacity of 130MW of the year in cooperation with SCG Solutions Co, Ltd, one of the largest distributors in the local market. All end customers are major Korean companies, including the Korea Institute of Solar Energy (Jeonnam solar power plant project) as well as food and beverage producer Nongshim (installations mounted on the roofs of production facilities). These achievements created a solid foundation for the further expansion of Risen Energy in the Korean market.

In addition to its relationship with SCG Solutions, Risen Energy has partnered with several other leading players in the Korean energy sector, highlighting the company's proven success in the local market. Electrical equipment manufacturer LS Electric selected Risen Energy's 210 series modules for an entire PV roof project at one of the Korean government's consular offices in Japan. LS Electric also expressed its intention to work with Risen Energy on upcoming large-scale projects.

As a leading global manufacturer of PV modules, Risen Energy continues to focus on technological innovation and improving the quality of its services, working with many partners around the world to redefine and revolutionize energy generation and distribution.