Sheikh Mohammed and His Wisdom

Sheikh Mohammed and His Wisdom

With his wisdom, Sheikh Mohammed has inspired many Europeans and in particular the people of Poland so much so that the best brains of the top companies of Poland have joined hands to develop A Salute to the Wisdom of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, Festival of Wisdom in Europe with the first event and television program at the most prestigious venue in Warsaw at Zlota 44, which is also the tallest penthouse in all of Europe.

We went to see Masaud Khan, the founder, concept writer and the person who created the movement in Poland to bring the top people together in the name of humanity and wisdom and in admiration of Sheikh Mohammed, to ask him about this brilliant concept.

KL.: We would like to congratulate you for your achievement that the best talent and brains of Poland are working together for this noble cause.

MK.: Thank you. It is the most amazing team of nine companies joining hands for the same cause and mission. 

KL.:  Please if its ok with you,  maybe you can tell us something about the event. 

MK.: This inspiration is from learning and believing that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed is one of the wisest ruler, if not the wisest ruler of modern times. This is historical. This is why we are billing this the festival of wisdom as it is the greatest show on Earth. 

Maybe you are not old enough to remember the time when Barnum and Bailey Circus was billed as the greatest show on Earth. They entertained millions with their trained animals, their acrobats and their clowns. People loved it. Children loved it. We are bringing in the same excitement and more in our love of wisdom. The festival of wisdom. The greatest show on earth. Wisdom is grand. It gives us the love. It makes us love. It becomes the soul of creativity. The idea is: How Grand wisdom can be that it is making us love. And love is self development. Love is a story of success and inspiration. This is where our entertainment value is. This is what we have developed creatively and we see this as the most powerful entertaining force with the biggest commercial appeal. The power to educate with entertainment and the power to entertain with education. The event brings these amazing people with inspiring success stories entwined with music, amazing performances and surprises. It flows like a pantomime with a storyline of wisdom, without any speeches or preaching or interruption. The event itself is part of the story and part of history.

KL.: Wow. This is something unique and special.  

MK.: Yes this is unique and special. We have assembled the best talent with the best product. When we look at the demo, it blows us away.

KL.: What kind of performances are in your program?

MK.: Well, I can show you something that we have developed. It is called Jagamarra.

KL.: Yes, yes. Jagamarra. I have seen it. I just want to tell you that I am an avid music listener and this is the best song I have ever heard in my entire life. The most amazing melody and the most amazing lyrics. I have to watch it every night before I go to sleep. It is so addictive and inspiring. It relaxes me. I sleep better. I dream better. I am more calm, active and positive.

MK.: Wow. You see. Thank you. Jagamarra is the name of an indigenous tribe in Australia.

KL.: Here it is: Jagamarra

KL: Thank you for talking to us again. 

MK: You are most welcome.

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