Sheikh Mohammed and the Festival of Wisdom in Europe

We sat down with Masaud Khan, the President of MK Works and Callisto Films, the man behind the events, A Salute to the Wisdom of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, the festival of wisdom in Europe, with the first of the seven events taking place on 12th February 2020 at Zlota 44, Warsaw - Poland.

K.L.:  First of all, we want to thank you for taking such a noble initiative that we believe can have profound and positive impact on society.

M.K.:  Thank you for being so kind. And I want to thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed for imparting us with his wisdom so we can do something good.

K.L.:  Why the festival of wisdom?

M.K.:  Why not? Don't you think it is a positive contribution even if one child or an adult becomes wiser? It brings the awareness of goodness as the best lesson for everyone to enjoy and learn. What we are doing is to trying to capture minds by entertaining along this theme of wisdom. Does it contribute? Of course it does. I see this festival of wisdom as a story of where wisdom can take us learning from the wisest men while saluting and thanking this great role model who imparted his wisdom upon us and inspired us with his own story of wisdom as a philantropist.

K.L.:  What is so inspiring about this story of wisdom by Sheikh Mohammed?

M.K.:  Well there are many inspiring stories. We are focussed on one story among the thousand of stories of goodness from his wisdom. This story starts when he forms Noor Dubai to cure and bring back the eyesight of millions in deprived, distant, rural villages in third world countries. This achievement of His is the inspiration behind this festival of wisdom.

Sheikh Mohammed

K.L.:  Why in Europe?

M.K.:  Europe has always been the citadel of knowledge and wisdom from greek philosophers to the modern day Nobel laureates. Many Europeans are inspired by Sheikh Mohammed and his achievements. They think of him as the wisest leader. So the movement has to start from somewhere and Europe is the ideal place.

K.L.:  What will happen during these seven events?

M.K.:  The wisest men of each city and country will portray their success stories overlapping with pantomime, music performances and awards. All of this will be recorded as television programs.

Sheikh 300

K.L.:  What a child can learn by watching this two hour program?

M.K.:  The program is for adults and children both. The child sees how great and amazing people succeed in life, sometimes against all odds.  The child sees the power of human ingenuity, how goodness is achieved and how it is rewarded and saluted. This is the entertainment that this child needs and now he is waiting for the next program. He is already on the path of learning. He knows who the role models are. He understands his direction. This is the contribution to the character development of the child.


K.L.:  What are the other benefits?

M.K.:  The creation of  a climate that starts with education and awareness of true success that comes with dignity, hard work and pride. Bringing nations and people together for goodwill, understanding, trust, investments, trade, tourism, collaborations, arts, ideas, projects and inventions. The festival of wisdom in Europe contributes to make this world a better place.

Sheikh Mohammed event

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The events and television programs featuring the success stories of 50 Wisdom Ambassadors.

The beginning is the 12th February, 2020 at Zlota 44,

Warsaw, Poland at 7 pm.

The first of the seven events of Festival of Wisdom in Europe.
All guests are Wisdom Ambassadors.