Sheikh Mohammed making us wise

Sheikh Mohammed making us wise

Growth and prosperity demands a wise leader as he imparts his wisdom showering his blessing and becoming a legend, a superstar, a hero of the modern times. He becomes the role model of the people.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is this leader.  The man and the leader who is transforming lives not only in Dubai but all over the world;  the man who is loved by not only by the followers of one particular faith but the followers of all faiths. The visionary. The poet. The philanthropist. The teacher.  The sportsman. 

A Salute to the Wisdom of His Highness of Sheikh Mohammed is a Salute from the people of Europe. The first of the seven events is in Warsaw, Poland on 12th February  2020. The storyline is selected from one of His many humanitarian achievements. The event portrays the success stories of the Wisdom ambassadors, an assembly of the wisest men from each host city. The events are also produced as television programs.

This one humanitarian achievement is his vision to eradicate blindness and make it a success story. Even making one blind person see deserves the biggest Salute. He has helped millions get their vision. This inspiration makes you emotional. It makes you understand and learn. It makes you wise. This is the awareness this festival of wisdom in Europe is  creating by the ones who are becoming wiser. This is the chain reaction of wisdom.

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