Singapore is attracting investments to ensure food security

Singapore is attracting investments to ensure food security

Singapore's government and research centres are partnering with companies and attracting foreign investment to develop technologies to increase food production.

The Asian city, a country that currently covers less than a tenth of its food needs on its own, wants its farms to producing 30% of it by 2030. Cited by the Straits Times, State Minister of Trade and Industry, Alvin Tan, announced new investment in the food sector that the country hopes to reduce its dependence on staple imports. This is to happen, among others thanks to the development of hydroponics technology and vertical agriculture.

Government agencies encourage entrepreneurs to establish modern crops that use them. According to Tan, the German company & ever (Andever) from Hamburg is building an automatic farm in the city of the state, which will ultimately produce 500 tons of vegetables per year. The company will also establish its research and development center in Singapore and has pledged to cooperate with the government's Science, Technology and Research Agency (A * Star) and academic institutions. Singapore companies and research centers that are looking for effective methods of producing new protein sources, such as microalgae, have also started cooperation in the development of future technologies.

Singapore has struggled with supply chain disruptions since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to diversify them, he increased the import of food from a number of countries, including Poland. According to the embassy in Singapore, from June to the city of the country more than 200 containers of Polish food, including eggs, frozen poultry, pork, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Tomasz Augustyniak (PAP)

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