Talink.me – One Solution For All Your Hiring Problems

Talink.me – One Solution For All Your Hiring Problems

A team of passionate guys started Talink.me, the global talent acquisition platform that is used as a network connecting talents and recruiters. According to Talink.me team, it’s an advanced platform which allows talents to find desirable, high-quality jobs from all over the world. It’s open for all who are talented and want to work for top companies. If you are a job seeker, you don’t need to worry about new company profiles because here you can check the whole company profile with verification links.

This is really easy for you to create your online profile over Talink.me whether you are company or candidate. Candidates can link their social profiles like Linkedin, Google Plus, Xing, Stack Overflow, and Github.

Talink.me is boon for recruiters.

There are many kinds of tools available to make recruiters life easy and hassle-free.


Watch video

Job’s can be represented using videos on top of regular ads.

Source the best talents

Source in LinkedIn, Stack overflow, GitHub, Xing, Google Docs.

Reveal contact data of talents

Reveal Phones, E-Mail Adresses to contact the talents.

Learn more about the company

Check the company profiles, they will definitely say why they are the best place to work in.

Anonymous Talents

Your bosses will NOT find out that you are seeking for a new job. You can decide whether you want to reveal your personal details to the recruiters or not

Start chatting

Get to know each other to create collaborations

Build a profile

Insert all the relevant information regarding your work experience so recruiters can find you easily.

Jobs for talents

Quality and desirable jobs from all over the world.

Here are some good companies for which you can apply for jobs over Talink.me:

  • Ebay
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Amdocs
  • CheckPoint
  • Microsoft
  • Nova
  • Apple
  • Motorola
  • TATA
  • TEVA

Talink.me is also offering various kind of good resources for employers and jobseekers both..

Resources for Employers

Resources for JobSeekers

The team behind this platform is really experienced and has a great profile. If you are employer or job seeker and want to explore this platform and team behind this click on below link to see more.

We appreciate the effort and dedication of Talink.me team and wish them success and growth.

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