The 3 Best Ways to Network on Your Next Business Flight

The 3 Best Ways to Network on Your Next Business Flight

No matter what kind of business traveller you are, you're likely often looking for places to network. One of those places that many people forget or even feel awkward about is during a business flight. However, there are ways of approaching this that can end with positive results.

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There are few tricks on how to make the approach (hint: timing is everything). There are a few things to be aware of, and there are certain times when approaching is appropriate. While you may not know if the person next to you is worth approaching, I find that if they seem open to chatting, it doesn't hurt to introduce yourself.

1.Have a Solid Introduction

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This is one of the most important factors when trying to network. If you go into a long spiel about your work, it won't come across properly.

Instead, open with something relevant to your flight, airport, or destination. Ask if they enjoy travelling, if they're travelling for business, or if they have ever been to your mutual destination. From there, you can introduce yourself and give a very brief (no longer than one minute) elevator pitch.

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If you get only a short answer or see your fellow passenger put on headphones or open a book, take the hint and let it go. You don't want to be that person.

2. Wait for the right time to approach.


There are a few windows of opportunity when approaching. Try to stick to something relevant to your current situation.

Another good time you can use to engage in conversation is when an overhead announcement is made. You can use the opportunity to ask your fellow passenger to repeat what was said. From there, you can start the conversation into an introduction, perhaps by mentioning that you're travelling for business and we're hoping they weren't making an announcement about a delay. Another good time to connect is during in-flight beverage service when people are usually waiting for beverages.

3.Follow Up

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If you end up exchanging information do follow up on it by exchanging business cards. A thank you email is always a nice gesture.

You could briefly mention something that was particularly enjoyable or funny that happened, and let them know that you'd love to continue chatting about a project you're working on that might be beneficial to them.

Go ahead may be this conversation can prove to be the best business deal until now for your company

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