The education of the modern world

The education of the modern world

They say he is the greatest modern day ruler. A visionary. A total genius. A man of wisdom. What he in fact has achieved is astounding. He is the visionary who has set up this romance with his many fans like a pop star idol. He is, in fact, the biggest humanitarian contributor of the modern world.

SheikhHe is Sheikh Mohammed as he is called by his beloved people, the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAEHe sets the standard by placing the best people around him. He is all about success. He is all about wisdom. He is the wisest man. Wisdom is good judgement. So starts this festival in Europe inspired by his wisdom of founding and running a charity that cures blindness and many eye diseases in remote village, at far away and deprived places in third world countries where still millions who can be cured are blind. The dates are:  

  • 12th February, Warsaw
  • 26th February, London
  • 16th Mach, Amsterdam
  • 10th April, Cologne
  • 5th May, Madrid
  • 1st July, Copenhagen
  • 15th July, Lausanne (Sheikh Mohammed's birthday)

According to MK, President of MK Works and Callisto Films, Warsaw based companies are producing each event as a two hour television program. Talking to us, MK said, "This is the wisdom that he has imparted upon us and from us it is another way of saying thank you and to contribute in making this world a better place. What we are achieving is developing and building the character of the world media, the character of the teacher. So the teacher knows how important role models are. In fact, creating a parallel medium. A parallel medium of sophistication, education, culture and all laced with amazing stories of goodness. We have wisdom ambassadors at the events, articulating their success stories. We are also producing a feature film, Wisdom, about a young girl who shapes the destiny of her people with her wisdom after she gets her sight. There are many projects, all about wisdom, and they are getting launched in due time. Thank you Your Highness."

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Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for attendance as guest and participation Celebration of A Salute to the Wisdom of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.

The events and television programs featuring the success stories of 50 Wisdom Ambassadors.

The beginning is the 12th February, 2020 at Zlota 44,

Warsaw, Poland at 7 pm.

The first of the seven events of Festival of Wisdom in Europe.
All guests are Wisdom Ambassadors.