The list of PKD codes covered by the aid is too short

The list of PKD codes covered by the aid is too short

The list of the Polish classification of economic activities covered by the aid is incomplete, for example, franchise companies are missing, assesses the Association of Polish Trade and Service Employers.

As the Association pointed out, among the representatives of trade and services using the space provided in shopping centers, there are many companies whose PKD was not included in the government assistance related to overcoming the deep crisis resulting from the lockdown. "This group includes a number of entities operating on the basis of franchise, which today do not find assistance in target solutions, as they are not formally entitled to do so" - we read in the statement published on Monday.

According to the Association, they are struggling with the lack of access to the shield, despite the fact that they have been subject to an administrative ban on operating activities resulting from the location of their stores, and not the type of activity.

An example - as indicated - is the Marketing Investment Group (MIG) company, which illustrates many similar situations on the Polish market. "Inappropriate PKD" means that the companies cooperating within the chain of stores were excluded from aid, despite being fully burdened with the consequences of the lockdown - we read.

The company runs a chain of sports and lifestyle stores. The company's activity is divided into a network of own stores and a franchise network, which together form one sales network. MIG cooperates with franchise partners who, as part of their activities, registered their business entities using the code 46.16.z as an agency activity - the Association said. He added that sales in the retail network channel are conducted for MIG, while Franchisees settle accounts with MIG on the basis of commission invoices constituting the basis for their income to settle fixed costs resulting from their activities. The fixed costs mainly include staff costs, rent and utilities.

Andrzej Osika from the board of MIG belonging to ZPPHiU emphasized that due to the fact that the indicated code was not covered by the target solution, he received numerous signals from business partners that as part of their activities they are not entitled to government aid. "In practice, they bear the economic burden, settlement of employee costs and rent," he said.

According to the Union, Shield 6.0 provides a list of entities covered by government support based on the classification of selected PKD codes, and does not reflect the list of companies that are actually closed in the centers. "This list is definitely insufficient to guarantee assistance to Polish entrepreneurs who are fighting today for the survival of the industry" - emphasized.

According to the union, the rulers should make an effort to change the law in order to save hundreds of companies and thousands of their employees from bankruptcy and unemployment.

The Industry Shield is an aid package for the companies most affected by the restrictions during the second wave of the pandemic. As part of it, you can take advantage of the exemption from ZUS, additional parking benefit, the so-called a small subsidy of up to 5,000 PLN, or co-financing jobs from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund at the level of 2 thousand. PLN converted into full-time employment - both for people employed on the basis of a contract of employment, as well as for ozusised orders Compensation for communes in connection with the lost income from the market fee is also planned (PAP).

author: Longina Grzegórska-Szpyt

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