The USA has blacklisted more Chinese companies, and the PRC is protesting

The USA has blacklisted more Chinese companies, and the PRC is protesting

The US authorities enlisted China's largest chipmaker, SMIC, and oil giant CNOOC on a blacklist of institutions allegedly controlled by the PRC military. Beijing described the decision on Friday as persecution and an abuse of the idea of ​​national security.

China is firmly opposed to this move, which will seriously damage US interests and image, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, calling on Washington to stop "abusing the concept of national security".

The US defense ministry added a total of four Chinese companies to its list of institutions it deems to be owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

In total, the list was extended to 35 entities. The mere presence on the list does not automatically mean any sanctions, but according to the decree of US President Donald Trump in the future, American investors will not be allowed to buy securities of these companies.

Trump stepped up action against China in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden's seizure of power in the United States. On Thursday, the US State Department announced that the administration in Washington had tightened restrictions on the issuing of visas to members of the Communist Party of China and their families to "protect the country from harmful influence" by the party.

The US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe said in the Wall Street Journal that China is "the greatest threat to democracy and freedom" since the Second World War. In his opinion, Beijing wants to dominate the world "economically, militarily and technologically".

The PRC authorities resist accusations by members of the Trump administration, accusing them of "cold-war mentality" and of trying to stop China's growth for fear of the US losing global hegemony.

From Canton Andrzej Borowiak (PAP)

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