Top 3 Productivity Tools to automate your business

man holding smartphone looking at productivity wall decor

As we all know as business owners productivity is the key to success and profit in business so everybody wants to make their day more and more productive. From first cup of coffee to last minute of office but now things are going into more IT type, you don't need to check everything manually because there are some tools in the market even free tools which can check everything for you at right time and give you full report what's going on in your office and what's the growth of your business till now. So today we are going to discuss some most productive tools which can help you a lot to make your day more productive.


IFTTT stands for "If this, then that", is a free platform designed to help business owners connect their apps and devices to integrate an automatic function for every point in time. Here you can write short scripts to automate your tasks easily even you don't know about the tech part. It's a cool platform where you can see every device is connected and getting all information at one place at a proper amount of time. It will help you anywhere from weather to mail and cab pickup time also for an important meeting so let's try this to make your business more automated.

2. Evernote

Evernote is the best tool to record your short ideas anywhere while walking, talking, and quick writing because it gives you a full functionality to write whatever you want or important for you. You don't need to worry about to lose your phone or something because it's auto sync with the cloud and you can anytime get your notes by login to your account. We know ideas make business so keep your Evernote with your for sure (:

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3. Trello

It's an amazing tool because of board and notes. You can track all your work in the form of boards and schedule posts in advance and track. These tools keep you and your team more organized than ever before. With it, you can ensure that no task ever gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, your team remains active and focused on the most important projects.