TROUVER starts selling its "Finder" vacuum cleaner to its European customers

TROUVER starts selling its "Finder" vacuum cleaner to its European customers

BEIJING, February 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / - TROUVER, the new dynamic brand in the Xiaomi ecological chain, focusing on performance, design trends and quality, presented the Finder Robot LDS Vacuum Mop on the European market. The Finder, the intelligent all-in-one vacuum cleaner, enables a new generation of customers to intuitively and hygienically clean their home during periods of self-isolation.

Characterized by completely touchless operation, the Finder takes the burden of everyday cleaning tasks at a time when young people spend more time at home than ever before. This robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a navigation device with a laser distance sensor (LDS), a sweeping and washing function and a powerful suction power for effective and economical cleaning.

The LDS system allows for even smarter navigation during the cleaning process while maintaining greater accuracy and range. Utilizing 5.2 Hz adaptive scanning and 2080 laser distance measurements per second, the system can perform a full 360-degree scan of your home with a radius of up to 6 meters. Dynamic real-time scheduling, based on TROUVER's Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm and a dual-core processor, ensures that no area of ​​the house is missed, and in addition, the device prepares cleaning plans tailored to individual house layouts.

At the same time, the 2-in-1 function (vacuuming and washing) saves a lot of time, while the exceptionally high 2000 Pa suction power allows thorough cleaning of the entire home. The Finder has four suction modes, a brushless motor and unique sealed air channels, so it easily maintains its high cleaning performance at all times and can catch fine particles on the ground including dust, hair and other debris.

The mop also uses new materials that increase the cleaning efficiency: extremely delicate, soft fibers catch even the smallest particles, and hard ones - scrub stains on the floor. Since the 270 ml water tank is suspended on the body of the device, the Finder can work more precisely and closer to the ground, thus ensuring greater cleanliness.

“At TROUVER, we use new science and technology opportunities to be able to offer the highest quality products to more and more people around the world. Together with the Xiaomi Mi Home (Mijia) App, the Finder Automatic Vacuum Cleaner provides truly intelligent hands-free cleaning. Users can remotely control the vacuum cleaner, adjust the suction power, control the map, set virtual walls, adjust power settings and more via the app. These integrated functions provide even more thorough cleaning so our customers can spend more time at home doing what they love, ”said Weisheng Zhang, president of TROUVER.

TROUVER is a modern brand, following the latest trends, designed with a new generation of customers in mind, combining innovative technology with the latest world standards of design and materials. In line with its vision, TROUVER creates products at the highest level, combining advanced technologies intended for the young generation. The company boasts a 300-person research and development team with extensive experience in the field of applied sciences in the aerospace industry.

TROUVER's Finder Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a truly international product that has already been launched in many markets, including Germany, Russia, Thailand and South Korea. The company plans to introduce its robotic vacuum cleaner to more countries in 2021, thus enabling effective and maintenance-free cleaning for more young users around the world.

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TROUVER belongs to one of the leading companies in the Xiaomi ecological chain - Dreame Technology. As a pioneer in the field of technology, industrial design, art and fashion, as well as the supply chain, TROUVER is determined to create products of the highest level that combine advanced technological solutions aimed at the young generation.

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