Struggling to sell your old stuff? Start For Free Now

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Are you looking for some platform where you can sell your old car, books, or anything that you have but don't know where to start? Tal-com Bazar gives you the flexibility to post your ads for free and get exposure of 8+ million users to see what you are selling. Doesn't matter where you are, you can post your advertisement in a few steps on Tal-com Bazar and as per your selected location, people will contact you to close the deal.

Sounds good!

Now wanted to know how to do this?

Here are the steps to start selling on Tal-com Bazar - Start Selling For Free?

1. Open in your browser.

2. Click on POST ADVERT BUTTON on the right-hand side of the navigation bar.

3. You will get redirect to this page.

4. Provide all the required information and click on submit.

5. Our team will review it and make it live.