Five Keys Behind The Successful Google Team

Five Keys Behind The Successful Google Team

5 Keys to Google Teams

According to sources, there are five main factors on the basis of the whole  Google team is working in a healthy environment. Small startups also learn from this to make a productive team. Let's take a look at these five important mantras of a successful and productive team.
Psychological safety
You should have trust and confidence in your team. You can easily ask a question from yourself, Can I take risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed? You should have a positive answer to this question.

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Can we count on each other to do high-quality work on time? Yeah, this is really important because if you have a team for quality and reliable work everybody want to be your client. This is one of the major factors for your success.
Structure & Clarity
Are roles, goals, and execution plans on our team clear? Yeah, this is sometimes creating a major plan, to do things in a smooth way team should know the goals, execution plans, and roles. Managers, Developers, Sales, and other team members should know about their tasks.
Meaning of Work
Are we working on something that is personally important for each of us? You need to create the value of work in view of employees by which they can understand they will also grow if the company will grow.

Impact of Work
Everyone should know what will be the impact of work and how their lives change if everything goes well. You should get a positive response of Do we fundamentally believe that the work we're doing matters?

If you answered “yes” to the five questions above, congrats! You’re probably on a high-performing team. And if not, not all hope is lost. This is a shortcut to help you figure out where to focus, how to get better, and a way to talk about this concept with your teammates in a structured way.