Microsoft Teams introduces new features for hybrid work

Microsoft Teams introduces new features for hybrid work

Microsoft announced on Thursday new features for its Teams messenger to facilitate contact between remote employees and those in the offices. This is a response to the need for a hybrid model of work, conducted partly from the office, partly from home - writes Bloomberg.

Among the changes thanks to which remote participants of meetings are to be involved in them as well as employees directly participating in them are, among others first order function. This is a new screen arrangement, in which the images from the cameras of individual participants are to be displayed at the bottom, so that the interactions between them are more natural and resemble a meeting in a real conference room, says Microsoft

During the Covid-19 pandemic, instant messaging manufacturers such as Microsoft, Zoom and Slack saw a surge in interest in their products. However, as the epidemic situation improves, many employees do not want to permanently return to their offices from remote work, so the hybrid work model will become more and more popular - predicts Bloomberg.

Software producers are therefore trying to provide tools that will allow to harmoniously combine the work of people in offices and those who still stay at home - comments the agency.

According to a survey commissioned by Slack, 76 percent. with 10,000 When asked about this, white-collar workers would like to benefit from greater flexibility in choosing where they work from. The study was published last week. (PAP)

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