Talink.me || Way to Dream Job for Talents

Talink.me || Way to Dream Job for Talents

Talink.me is not only a job portal it is one of the future model platform from where you can get best jobs.Talink.me offers your world’s largest companies job offers at one place with Talink.me certified tags.

Why you should choose Talink.me as a Job Seeker?

Talink.me offers many features which is not included in existing platforms.

Here we are going to describe some major features:

  1. The position advertised on the platform are role-based, position in high-tech, engineering positions, engineering, academic graduates, and senior positions.
  2. Job Tag sorting by Alphabets.
  3. Job Sorting by Locations where you want to work.
  4. Register with facebook and Linked.in
  5. 90 days Free trial Addon for your browser. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/talink-profiler/cademenoadfpiijpicifmgopjacechgo
  6. Check everything at one place.
  7. 24/7 Support for any type of problem.
  8. Consistent resources for Employers.
  9. Can upload specific resume for specific company.

How to register on Talink.me as a Job Seeker?

  1. Open  https://talink.me/ on your browser.
  2. Click on Right top dropdown button like below image.


3.After Click on Registration you will see below page.


4. Here you have an option to register by using our custom signup information of register with Facebook and Linkedin.

5.After filling the information and click on register you will below screen and get an email in your email box.


6.Open your mail box and click on confirmation link.


7. After click on confirmation link you will see below screen.


  1.  Login here by using your email and password you had entered at the time of your registration.
  2.  After click on login button you will see below screen.


10. Click on Start New Search.It will redirect to you at company list page.


11. Click on apply button to apply.

Note: Please complete your profile and upload your resume before applying to company.

How to register on Talink.me as a Recruiter?

  1. Click on https://employers.talink.me/?lang=en on your browser you will below page
  2. Click on LETS GET STARTED button to start your free trial.


  1. 3. After clicking the button you will see below page


  1. 4. Enter details and click on register button.You will see below page.


6.Click on confirmation link on your mailbox , you will be redirected to your dashboard

Why you should choose Talink.me as a Recruiter?

Talink.me offers many features which is not included in existing platforms.

Here we are going to describe some major features:

  1. 90 days Free trial Addon for your company. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/talink-profiler/cademenoadfpiijpicifmgopjacechgo
  2. Check everything at one place.
  3. 24/7 Support for any type of problem.
  4. Consistent resources for Employers.
  5. Shortlist and hire candidates by only one click.
  6. Automatic rejection of fake resumes.
  7. Advance filters for Employer to shortlist resumes.
  8. Secure Dashboard and login system.
  9. Permission tree for other admins also.
  10. Good hiring Tips.

So it does not matter you are Employer or Job Seeker try Talink.me because it’s an only platform which is offering best things to both of these classes.We care about your data and privacy because of that we assured security at every point.If you have any doubt about talink.me please contact to our customer support we will always be there to solve your queries.

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