Tesla recruits employees and offers up to 3,500 euros

Tesla recruits employees and offers up to 3,500 euros

The Tesla factory is built in Gruenheide in Brandenburg. The company is already recruiting employees, so far several hundred people have been employed, ultimately there will be 7,000 of them. Among them there will also be people commuting from Poland. They will be able to earn 2.7-3.5 thousand. euro - writes the website rbb24 on Thursday.

"The image of the American Tesla group with its current boss, Elon Musk, is quite positive in Poland, and Tesla is usually described as a good employer," says the website of the local German public broadcaster.

"In the regional newspapers on the Polish-German border, such as + Gazeta Lubuska +, in the context of employment in the factory built in Grueneheide, the terms + dream job + or + perfect job often appear" - we read on rbb24. One of the reasons for this enthusiasm is "already known salaries of at least EUR 2,700 per month for unskilled workers; skilled workers should earn from EUR 3,500 gross" - informs the portal.

As the Polish-German border is only approx. 50 minutes by car from the factory under construction, and Grueneheide also has a direct railway connection with the border Frankfurt on the Oder, Tesla is an interesting workplace for people commuting from Poland.

The American group itself does not direct its recruitment advertisements directly to Polish employees - notes rbb24. All job vacancies on Tesla's website are described only in German or English. Depending on the position offered, there is also a message that employees must be fluent in one or even both of these languages. Tesla also takes into account where they live when hiring new employees. According to the reports of Polish candidates, the travel time to work exceeding two hours is unacceptable for the company - the portal points out

Fears that Tesla could rely mainly on the work of low-paid workers from abroad are, at least for now, unfounded - writes rbb24, citing an expert who believes that the challenge for the company will be to "find a sufficient number of suitably qualified employees at all".

The portal also explains that the provisions on the free movement of workers prohibit discrimination against workers from other EU countries, therefore - contrary to some rumors - Poles will not be able to pay lower wages.

Polish workers are likely to play an important role in the development of the Grueneheide factory; The launch of the plant will also increase the number of jobs in its vicinity - rbb24 predicts. The factory is expected to produce half a million electric cars annually.

There are very few electric cars on Polish roads, in 2020 only 132 Tesla were registered in the whole country, in 2019 - 94. However, Elon Musk will definitely focus on the Polish market in the future as well - assesses the portal.

From Berlin Berenika Lemańczyk (PAP)

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