The Shell business center will hire at least 400 employees

The Shell business center will hire at least 400 employees

The Shell concern will invest nearly PLN 100 million in the expansion of its business center in Krakow. It is planned to expand the business, which will result in the employment of at least 400 employees. The project will benefit from support under the Polish Investment Zone.

Shell Business Operations Kraków (SBO) is one of the five centers of this type of energy concern in the world. The Krakow team consists of over 4.4 thousand. employees responsible for running and supporting the company's global operations in several business lines concerning, among others finance, taxes, accounting, procurement, purchasing, HR and customer service.

Agnieszka Pocztowska, general director of Shell Business Operations Kraków, announced on Wednesday that two new directions will be created as part of new investments in the Krakow center. One of them is advanced business services with planned employment of 250 employees who will ultimately lead processes in the areas of IT, Data Quality, reporting and analysis, communication and tax operations.

The second direction, business process excellence, will bring together 150 employees supporting such areas as: customer service, lubricant supply, logistics, HR and IT.

The implementation of both investments is just beginning. The eligible costs of the planned investments are nearly PLN 100 million. They will be implemented with the support of the Polish Investment Zone (PSI).

"The newly received support in development will allow us to further expand the competences of the center and attract further advanced business processes to it, the presence of which is conducive to the development of both Małopolska and the national economy," Pocztowska indicated.

According to her, the constant development of Shell and other global investors proves that Krakow has become one of the most attractive points on the world map of investment destinations, also thanks to its openness to dialogue with investors.

The Act on supporting new investments, which entered into force in mid-2018, fundamentally changed the rules for granting tax exemptions for entrepreneurs, giving the opportunity to invest anywhere in the country, and not - as before - only in areas covered by a special economic zone.

The Polish Investment Zone (PSI) in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and the Jędrzejów Poviat (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) is managed by the Kraków Technology Park. In total, since the introduction of the Polish Investment Zone, this company has issued over 100 decisions to support companies based on these provisions. Since then, the companies have declared approx. PLN 4.5 billion in investment outlays and the creation of approx. 4.4 thousand jobs. jobs. Most of the investments are Polish small and medium-sized enterprises. Recently, the investment for 95 million euro was announced in Niepołomice near Krakow by the German truck manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus. (PAP)

author: Rafał Grzyb

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