5 hidden features of Tesla Truck who must know

5 hidden features of Tesla Truck who must know

Elon Musk is all set to launch his all-electric Tesla Truck in the market very soon! This electric truck will have captivating features which are surely getting the attention of people from all over the world. 


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Everyone knew that Elon Musk was hinting that his new truck would look something like no one has seen ever. And well yeah it is a Pickup Truck!



Well, it looks like a triangular pickup truck, the vision to make the vehicle was always of Blaze Runner which has been made intact and you can see it in its design. It is a 6.5-foot long, 100-cubic-foot capacity cargo bed and a six-passenger crew-cab. It’s 231 inches long!

Cost Estimation:

Its pricing will start from $39,900 and will go till $69,900. It would depend upon features, pre-booking and much more!



The Cybertruck holds six travellers. We didn't get an exhibit to decide if somebody the size of the previous wrestler Andre the Giant — who stood 7'4" with a recorded load of 520 pounds — could fit in the driver's seat, as Elon once guaranteed.

It is totally BulletProof!

Elon Musk guaranteed that the pickup was impenetrable—explicitly, impervious to 9mm ammo, normal adjust that can be discharged from handguns or assault rifles—because of the 3-mm-thick, "ultra-hard, chilly moved tempered steel composite" utilized in the exoskeleton, and which they grew at first for SpaceX's Starship rocket. Tesla structure boss Franz Von Holzhausen took a heavy hammer to the entryway with no impact. That will make the shopping centre stopping significantly less distressing, I assume? 


The glass is shielded, as well. Despite the fact that two in front of an audience show of the window's quality turned out badly—they broke when Von Holzhausen threw a major metal roller at them—different demos validated the glass quality, and the dramatic window break isn't really dooming. All things considered, slug evidence windows additionally break when struck by shots, yet they don't permit real entrance. 

When will be Tesla Truck available in the market?

According to Tesla generation will begin in late 2021. The most dominant tri-engine variant will allegedly begin generation in late 2022. Those, obviously, are gauges — and Tesla isn't generally the most dependable with regards to wrenching out its items on the schedule.