Change of regulations. Car dealerships will register new cars online

Change of regulations. Car dealerships will register new cars online

Amendments to the Road Traffic Act, which enter into force on Saturday, December 5, also apply to entrepreneurs running car dealerships, importers and vehicle manufacturers. A solution beneficial for buyers will be the registration of the vehicle by its seller - informs the website.

The most important changes for the car business concern vehicle registration and the registration certificate. After you have used all the windows in this ID, you will not need to replace it with a new one. This is a saving of PLN 70. Communication departments will not have to constantly produce new plates for new owners when selling company cars - we read on the website.


When buying a car in Poznań and registering in Warsaw, you will not have to exchange Poznań numbers for the capital numbers. According to Dr. Jacek Karcz, an expert in logistics and transport, quoted by, is an Italian solution. "There you cannot link the vehicle to the region where the company or owner is based" - adds Karcz.

With the new definition of a vehicle dealership, it is possible to register a car in this dealership electronically. The person submitting the application for vehicle registration may apply for the maintenance of the existing registration number, including registration plates (plates), if the vehicle has already been registered in Poland and has registration plates in accordance with the regulations.

According to sellers in authorized Mazda and Toyota showrooms, quoted by, such ordering of registration was carried out at the request of customers and cost PLN 17. Now sellers are waiting for a regulation that will detail how to do this step by step.

The buyer of the vehicle in the showroom may authorize this showroom or an authorized representative of this facility to: submit an application for vehicle registration or receive a decision on temporary vehicle registration, a temporary permit and legalized registration plates.

This authorization is provided with a handwritten signature, a qualified electronic signature, a trusted signature or a personal signature. And then the vehicle dealership or an authorized representative of this showroom immediately submits an application for vehicle registration using the electronic form made available in the ICT system indicated on the website of the Public Information Bulletin of the minister responsible for computerization.


The decision to register the vehicle and the registration certificate is collected by the vehicle owner at the sales office or the seller sends these documents by post to the delivery address indicated in the application.

There will be a noticeable drop in registration costs. The abolition of the obligation to issue a vehicle card and control sticker and the possibility of keeping the registration plates of the previous owner will result in the unit cost of registration being reduced by up to PLN 175. Taking into account the annual number of vehicle registrations, citizens should save a total of over PLN 224 million, but the local governments that collected these fees will lose.


Source of information: PAP MediaRoom

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