In 2021, new cars will increase in price by an average of 10 percent.

In 2021, new cars will increase in price by an average of 10 percent.

In 2021, the prices of new cars will increase by an average of approx. 10%. Cars mile forecasts He estimates that in 5 years the prices of electric cars will be comparable to the prices of internal combustion cars - today electrics are on average 30 percent. more expensive for combustion counterparts.

According to the Cars Mile research team , new car registrations in the EU drop by 27% year on year (ACEA data for 10 months of this year) does not mean that manufacturers will lower prices to encourage buyers to buy new cars.

"Despite lower demand for new cars, their prices have not fallen this year. They will not fall in the next ones" - says Vice President of Cars, Michał Knitter.

As he indicates, the main reason is the requirements for exhaust emissions and minimum equipment of vehicles imposed by the European Union in the interests of the climate and road safety. "They make the production of cars more and more expensive every year, which at the moment is imposed by the limitations in the operation of factories related to the pandemic" - he explains.

"I expect that in 2021 new cars will increase in price by an average of 10 percent, which is a continuation of the trend observed in 2020," he added.

According to Knitter, the mentioned 10 percent. is the resultant of the range of forecasts obtained in the analysis of the impact of various factors on car prices.

As he explained, citing data from Samar, the weighted average price of a new car in Poland was in the first 10 months of this year. PLN 122,489 and was down 10.9 percent. greater than last year. "The scale of the recorded growth is consistent with the forecast presented by Cars Mile at the end of 2019," he noted.

According to the company's analysts, in the coming years we will see the prices of combustion-powered cars approaching their electric counterparts, which are now much more expensive to produce.

As they pointed out, if you compare electric car models to those powered by internal combustion engines with similar equipment, it turns out that electrics are on average 30 percent. more expensive than traditional versions.

According to Knitter, in the next three years, the difference in price between electricians and combustion-powered cars will drop to 10%, and in 5 years these prices will be equal. (PAP)

Author - Longina Grzegórska-Szpyt


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