Sales of electric vehicles increased in Europe

Sales of electric vehicles  increased in Europe

The latest figures from the Brussels NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) show that sales of electric vehicles in Europe increased sharply over the past year. In 2020, electric cars accounted for 10.5 percent. market, compared to only 3 percent. in 2019.

For the first time in history, the European Union has surpassed China in the number of electric cars sold, according to a report published on Monday. Poland was the largest market for electric cars in the CEE region.

According to T&E analysts, over a million passenger cars with plugs were registered last year in the European Union (together with Great Britain) - 51.5 percent were battery cars and the rest were plug-in hybrid cars. The largest markets for electricians were Germany (395,000 cars), France (186,000) and the United Kingdom (186,000). According to market shares, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland are the leaders - 32 percent and 25 percent respectively. and 18 percent In Germany, the share of electric cars in sales was 13.5%, in France - 11.3%, and in the United Kingdom - 11.2%.

According to Lucien Mathieu, an electromobility analyst at T&E, such a large increase in sales of electric cars across the EU shows that the EU targets for reducing CO2 emissions have brought the expected effect. “Europe has just overtaken China in the electric race and has become a world leader in electromobility. This year's review of the EU's car emissions standards will be decisive for the future of the European automotive industry. Leaving the current regulations unchanged will mean stagnation in the sector, Mathieu told PAP.

The region of Central and Eastern Europe has surpassed the countries of the "old" EU in terms of the dynamics of growth in sales of cars with plugs (+173% as compared to +163%). The largest market in the region was Poland, where electric cars accounted for 1.9 percent. market, with 8 thousand. copies sold. Total sales of electric vehicles in Poland increased by 204%.

According to Rafał Bajczuk from the Foundation for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, Poland has the potential to increase sales of electric cars in the coming years. “We are one of the few EU countries that do not currently offer subsidies for the purchase of electric cars. We also have a lot of room for maneuver when it comes to fiscal incentives to purchase electricians, especially in the fleet car segment. At the same time, the network of charging stations in Poland is growing, as is the social awareness of the benefits of electromobility, ”the analyst tells PAP.

In 2020, Europe was the largest market for electric cars in the world. 1,365 million electric cars were sold here, up 2 percent. more than in China, where sales amounted to 1.337 million. The US was in third place with 0.328 million. However, this picture may change in the coming years. One of Joe Biden's first decisions after assuming the presidency of the United States was the signing of an executive regulation on the electrification of the federal fleet (approx. 645 thousand vehicles), which he justified with the desire to stimulate the electric car market and increase employment in the renewable energy sector.

From Brussels Artur Ciechanowicz (PAP)


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